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Gold Country Water

User Rates

Residential Rates & Fees — Effective 04/01/2023 (Per PUC Approval)

Total: Monthly combined base rate of $53.91 per month ($1.77/day)

Water: Monthly base rate of $39.38 per month ($1.29/day)

  1.  Base rate includes the first 8,000 gallons.

  2.  Additional usage charges over 8,000 gallons = $1.13/per 1,000 gallons

CIP: $14.53 per month ($0.48/day)

Deposit: $64.00 One-time charge for all renters (Refundable)

Service Fee: $26.00 during regular hours (One-time charge to start or stop service)

Late Fees: $20.00 after the 15th of the month

Returned Checks: $20.00 per occurrence

-  -  -  -  -

**If the fifteenth of the month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, then payment is due on the next business day without penalty.

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