SPB Utility Services, Inc. (SPB) was incorporated in 1983.  SPB provides system operation and maintenance support services for water and wastewater treatment facilities to various governmental and private concerns throughout Nevada.


Our Experience

  • Operations and maintenance of water and wastewater facilities throughout Nevada, including casinos, industry, schools, prisons, agriculture, etc

  • Utility budgets, rate structures and monthly utility billing.

  • Assisting firms in the preparation of operations and maintenance manuals for water and sewage treatment systems.

  • Management and operation training to forty rural community wastewater systems throughout the State of Nevada.

  • 30 Years of working with various regulatory agencies, including the State Engineers Office, Washoe County Health Department, Nevada Consumer Health Protection Services and the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

  • Type of facilities operated:

    • Wastewater treatment facilities

      • Sequential Batch Reactors

      • Membrane Bioreactors

      • Aerated and Facultative Lagoons

      • Rotating Biological Contactors

      • Oxidation Ditches

      • Standard and Modified Activated Sludge Treatment Processes

      • Individual Disposal Systems

  • Water Treatment Facilities

    • Operate and own major water utility in Northern Nevada

    • Operate water systems for casinos, schools, industry and residential communities.

    • Operate treatment processes for filtration, iron manganese removal, arsenic removal and disinfection.

  • Pump Stations and Force Mains

  • Gravity Collection Systems

  • Sludge Treatment Facilities                                                                                   

  • Aerobic Digester

  • Sludge Lagoons

  • Sludge Thickening and Dewatering Facilities

  • Mechanical Gravity Thickening

  • Mechanical Dewatering

  • Wastewater Disposal Facilities

  • Rapid Infiltration Basins (RIB’s)

  • Leach Field/Bed

  • Evaporation Ponds

  • Agricultural Reuse

  • Disinfection Facilities

Our Personnel

  • SPB has nineteen full and part-time employees, including twelve operators certified for both water and wastewater. 


State Certified Laboratory

  • Sample collection, documentation and transport

  • Portable sampling equipment

  • Monitoring well sampling and equipment

  • Laboratory QAQC manuals and startup

  • On-site analysis with a variety of field testing equipment, such as:                                                           

  •                         PH meters

D.O. meters



Turbidity meters


Tools and Equipment

  • Twelve fully-equipped 4WD trucks

  • Spare parts inventory for metering pump and sewage lift stations.

  • Portable pumps and support equipment

  • Portable hoist equipment

  • Field generators

  • Cell phones/radios and pagers for 24-hour emergency response


Safety Program

  • A State approved Safety Manual

  • Equipment required to meet Confined Space Entry standards as established by Federal Regulations

  • A complete inventory of Personal Protective Equipment

  • An Emergency Response Guideline

  • Employee Safety Training

  • A comprehensive safety video training library