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What do we do?

Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • Consulting

  • Sequential Batch Reactors 

  •  Aerated and Facultative Lagoons 

  •  Rotating Biological Contractors 

  •  Oxidation Ditches 

  •  Standard and Modified Activated Sludge Treatment Processes 

  •  Individual Disposal Systems 

  •  Wastewater systems for casinos, schools, industry and residential communities.

  •  Pump Stations and Force Mains 

  •  Gravity Collection Systems 

  •  Sludge Treatment Facilities 

  •  Aerobic Digester 

  •  Sludge Lagoons 

  •  Sludge Thickening and Dewatering Facilities 

  • Mechanical Gravity Thickening 

  • Mechanical Dewatering 

  •  Wastewater Disposal Facilities 

  • Rapid Infiltration Basins (RIB’s) 

  •  Leach Field/Bed 

  •  Evaporation Ponds 

  •  Agricultural Reuse 

  •  Disinfection Facilities 

Water Treatment and Distribution

  • Overall system operation, including:

    • Filtration

    • Iron Manganese Removal

    • Arsenic Removal

    • Nitrate Removal

    • Chlorination/Disinfection

Compliance Management Services

We begin with building client information within our database using your system’s Monitoring Assessment Plan, Discharge Permits and/or approved sampling plans. 

  • CHAIN AND BOTTLE PREP:  Once information has been gathered chain of custodies and sample bottles are prepared for the operator. 

  • SAMPLE TRACKING/COLLECTION:  Samples are collected, transported and delivered to the certified laboratory.  The samples are tracked from drop-off at the laboratory to the receipt of the sample.  

  • COMPLIANCE REPORTING:  Once lab reports are received, information is logged in our database and the required reports are forwarded to the regulator. 

  • COMPLIANCE UPDATES:  The tracking of regulatory changes is critical as they can change dependent on regulations or the current state of the system.  We work to make sure we have the latest updates so timely changes can be applied.  

  • We are your expert when it comes to timely reporting of compliance information to regulators.  We communicate regularly with State regulatory agencies to ensure you maintain compliance.

Certified Operations Services for Water Systems

  • Scheduled inspection of overall system operation, pressure system, distribution, etc.  

  • Record water production and other water system data.  

  • Collect and transport compliance samples with proper chain of custody documentation. 

  • Monitor for potential issues related to poor or insufficient practices that could affect water quality and supply. 

  • Monitor chemical addition as needed and check injection equipment for proper operation and dosing. 

  • Transport and deliver chlorine and other chemicals for water system use, if required/requested. 

  • Meet with management to discuss pertinent issues, as needed.

Additional Service Highlights

  • SANITARY SURVEY RESPONSE:  Operations staff can be onsite during the survey and will work with compliance staff to follow up with regulators through correspondence and the addressing/correction of noted deficiencies. 

  • SPB can assist/attend with regulatory inspections, system failures or periods of non-compliance, etc.  

  • Annual Consumer Confidence Reports

  • Discharge permit renewal

  • Callouts/after-hours response

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